IP Awareness and Enforcement:
Modular Based Actions for SME project

For policy makers and research community

  • Innovation support strategy - Delivering the Intellectual Property component a local level. Identification and evaluation of the participating countries innovation strategies with special regard to the Intellectual Property level and enforcement practices of SMEs. Analysing existing Services in the 20 participating countries and recommends new awareness-raising and enforcement related services.
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  • Bridging the gap – Matching supply of services to demand from SMEs. Identification of gaps between the support services supplied to SMEs on Intellectual Property rights and the demand in an European context.
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  • Effective IPR enforcement for SMEs. First assess how far your own services currently meet SME needs and then determine how existing services can be further developed.
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The IP Awareness and Enforcement: Modular Based Actions for SMEs project (IPeuropAware)
is co-financed by the CIP Programme, DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission