IP Awareness and Enforcement:
Modular Based Actions for SME project

For intermediaries

  • Bridging the gap – Matching supply of services to demand from SMEs. Identification of gaps between the support services supplied to SMEs on Intellectual Property rights and the demand in an European context.
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  • InnovAccess is a trans-national website specially adapted for SMEs including:

    • A general area on IP matters

    • A country specific area on IP matters

    • An area for enforcement issues

    • An area with practical guides

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  • The Signposting Directory is a comprehensive directory of Intellectual Property sources throughout Europe.
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  • Four comprehensive IP guides for the textile & clothing, footwear, leather and furniture sectors. These sectors face fierce competition in their everyday struggle for survival, especially from other continents like Asia or South America.
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  • Agreed standards for Intellectual Property Helpdesk services for SMEs across Europe. Wherever they are based, Europe’s SMEs get fast, accurate and relevant information from their national Intellectual Property Office.
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  • Effective IPR enforcement for SMEs. First assess how far your own services currently meet SME needs and then determine how existing services can be further developed.
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  • E-learning module concerning IPR enforcement for SMEs.


The IP Awareness and Enforcement: Modular Based Actions for SMEs project (IPeuropAware)
is co-financed by the CIP Programme, DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission