IP Awareness and Enforcement:
Modular Based Actions for SME project



Building on the experience of a pilot action, and two projects funded by the European Commission under the Fifth and Sixth Framework Programmes (2002-2005 and 2005-2007 respectively), IPR-Helpdesk is today part of the project IPeuropAware.

The University of Alicante, coordinator of the whole project, also runs IPR-Helpdesk.

The main objective of the IPR-Helpdesk is to assist current and potential participants in Community-funded research and technological development projects, as well as innovation projects on intellectual property (IP) matters. SMEs and public research organisations are IPR-Helpdesk’s main target users.

What does IPR-Helpdesk offer you?

Web site
Detailed information on the IP issues involved in Community-funded research and innovation projects, with many documents and other resources, such as FAQs, glossary, news and related links.

Personalised answers to your specific IP questions and doubts, delivered by our experts within three working days by e-mail.

Online courses
User-friendly modules on IP management in Community-funded programmes for research and innovation, which will help you to study the key issues involved and test your knowledge.

On-site training
Tailor-made courses on IP rules and practice within Community-funded actions given by our experts to multipliers (National Contact Points, members of the Enterprise Europe Network, regional agencies for innovation, etc.) across Europe.

Daily news and events on IP and Community research and innovation programmes

IPR Bulletin
Our journal on IP and R&D with expert articles and practical sections, published quarterly.

Subscription to receive by email our last updates, with the frequency you choose.

All services are free of charge.

(For on-site training, there are no fees for the courses, but the host organisation usually covers travel costs.)

The IP Awareness and Enforcement: Modular Based Actions for SMEs project (IPeuropAware)
is co-financed by the CIP Programme, DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission