IP Awareness and Enforcement:
Modular Based Actions for SME project


All pages on this site were Web Content Accessibility Guidelines approved, and complied with all priority 1 guidelines.

This site contains many features to help users with disabilities navigate easily. These include keyboard shortcuts (accesskey) for all major links and special links to enable users to jump over navigation bars to the next item.

The following list shows some accesskeys:

  • '1' - Index page
  • '2' - Go to the content
  • '3' - Contact information
  • '4' - Text only version
  • '5' - Back to graphic version
  • '6' - Enter into intranet

To use an accesskey the combination of keys depends on the browser:

  • Windows operating system
    • Internet Explorer: Alt + accesskey
    • Firefox 1.5: Alt + accesskey
    • Firefox 2.0: Alt + Shift + accesskey
    • Safari: Ctrl + accesskey
    • Netscape: Alt + accesskey
    • Mozilla: Alt + accesskey
    • Opera: Shift + Esc + accesskey
  • Macintosh operating system
    • Safari: Ctrl + accesskey
    • Firefox: Ctrl + accesskey
    • Netscape: Ctrl + accesskey
    • Mozilla: Ctrl + accesskey
    • Opera: Shift + Esc + accesskey
  • Linux operating system
    • Opera: Esc + Shift + accesskey
    • Galeon: Alt + accesskey
    • Mozilla: Alt + accesskey
    • Firefox: Alt + accesskey

A text-only version is also available for the all Web site pages. You can change from the graphic version to the text-only version using the top right link labelled text only. Once changed to the text-only version, no graphic item should appear, only text in high contrast mode. .

This option will remain selected in the browser from session to session. However, you can go back to the graphics version by using the return to graphics link on top.

The IP Awareness and Enforcement: Modular Based Actions for SMEs project (IPeuropAware)
is co-financed by the CIP Programme, DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission